Vol.4 Iss.1

Behaviour of Passage Time for A Queueing Network Model with Feedback: A Simulation Study

Sol-Akubude & Vincent I.P.

pp 1 – 12

An Application of Variable Control Chart in Modelling American Honey Spirit Bottle in Beta Glass Plc, Delta Plant, Nigeria

O. Akpojaro & R. B. Agbogidi

pp. 13 – 22

Analysis of The Variations in Geothermal Gradients and Sand Percentage in the Eastern Coastal Swamp of the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Chibundu Zimuzo Anene; Chukwuemeka Frank Raluchukwu Odumodu & Bruno Ndicho Nfor

pp.  23 – 40

An Analysis of the Variable Geothermal Gradients in the Eastern Coastal Swamp of the Niger Delta, Nigeria

Chibundu Z. Anene; Chukwuemeka Frank R. Odumodu & Bruno N. Nfor

pp. 41 – 58

Application of Time Series Analysis for the Assessment of Appendicitis Cases in Nigeria: A Case Study of Federal Hospital Kaura Namoda, Zamfara State

O. Aronu; O. M. Osolo & I. F. Falaju

pp. 59 – 68

Applications of A Bee-Swarm Algorithm Based Crawler

Mgbeafulike, I. J. & Ojiako, F.N.

pp. 69 – 79

Assessing the Trend of Infertility Amongst Men in Anambra State

O. Onovo; A. L. Etionwu & C. O. Aronu

pp. 80 – 90

Chemical Composition and Bactericidal Activity of Cymbopogon Citratus

Anyalebechi Regina; Anyaora Francis C. & Chukwu P. I.

pp. 91 – 99

Determination of Mineral and Iodine Content in Some Sea Food Crab (Charybdis natator) and Tropical Periwinkle (Tympanotonusfuscatus)

Anyalebechi Regina, Osuorah A. & Chukwu P. I.

pp. 100 – 104

Major Element Analysis of Nsugbe Sandstone, Anambra Basin, Southeastern Nigeria: Implication for Provenance

Egbosi Blessing Ukamaka; Nfor, Bruno Ndicho & Chiaghanam, Osita

pp. 105 – 114

Identification of Volcanic Rocks and Their Distributions in Parts of the Abakaliki Anticline, Southern Benue Trough, Nigeria

Nwankwo C. N., Egbunike M. E., Onuba L. N., Nwozor K. K., & Nwike S. I.

pp. 115 – 122

Minimal Sequential Hausdorff Spaces

Sol-Akubude, Vincent I.P.

pp. 123 – 131

Synthesis and Characterization of Polymer/Iron Oxide Nanocomposite for Optical Analysis

Okafor L. U & Ottih I.E

pp. 132 – 143

Analysis of Structured Natural Sorbent from Agricultural Waste Materials

Okwuego, P.O, Okonkwo, S. I & Ekwonu, A.M

pp. 144 – 154

The Assessment of Queuing Performance for Access to Health Care at the General Hospital, Ozoro, Delta State, Nigeria

E. Itiveh, G. E. Nworuh & C. O. Aronu

pp. 155 – 172

The Impact of Covid – 19 on Some Economic Indicators Influencing Nigeria’s Economy: Application of Econometrics Analysis

Oguagbaka S. K.

pp. 173 – 180

An Empirical Investigation into the Efficiency of Neyman’s Allocation Procedure Over Other Allocation Procedures in Stratified Random Sampling

Oguagbaka Samuel Kennedy & Udobi Joy I.

pp. 181 – 190

Evaluating the Impact of Some Macroeconomic Determinants on Economic Growth in Nigeria using the Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Model

Osondu, A. N. & Adiele, D. F.

pp. 191 – 201

A Generating Function with Maximum Combination of Rook and Bishop Movement on a Two-Dimensional Chess Board is also a Maximum Queen Movement

M. Laisin & Okaa-Onwuogu C. A.

pp. 202 – 213

Physicochemical Analysis f Daucus Carota (Carrot)

Okafor E. C, Okafor I. A., Ughanze N. B & Okonkwo S. I

pp. 214 – 218

Correction to “A New and Simple Method of Solving Large Linear Systems Based on Cramer’s Rule, But Employing Dodgson’s Condensation”

Okoli, O.C. & Nsiegbe N. A.

pp. 219 – 225

Fundamental Theory of Algebra, a Consequence of “Initial-Guess formula” for Solving Polynomial Equations

Okoli, O. C.

pp. 226 – 231

Geotechnical and Suitability Studies for Subgrade and Sub – Base Construction Materials Around Baba – Ode and Obada Areas Southwestern Nigeria

Iheme, Kenneth. Obinna; Obaro, Ruben Ibukun.; Okolo, Chukwugozie John; Ibrahim, Oluwatoyin Khadijat & Yusuf, Mumeen Adebayo

pp. 232 – 240

Hydrocarbon Prospectivity Assessment of the KY-Field Coastal Swamp Depobelt, Niger Delta Basin Nigeria

Ogbonnia K. C, Onuba L. N., Egbunike, M. E., & Nwozor K.K.

pp. 241 – 249

Evaluation of the Spatial Distribution of Grain Size Characteristics and its Role in Determining the Environment of Deposition of sediments in Orlu and Environs, Imo State South Eastern Nigeria

Iheme, Kenneth. Obinna; Okolo, Chukwugozie John; Adedoyin, Dele Adeonipekun, Ibrahim, Oluwatoyin Khadijat & Alebiosu, Titilayo Mercy

pp. 250 – 265

Bonding at Glass/Steel Interface

Philomena Chukwu

pp. 266 – 275

Proximate, Phytochemical and Antimicrobial Analysis of Leaves of Newbouldia Laevis (Binonicaceae)

F.C. Orakwue, & J.C. Obiogbolu

pp. 276 – 281

Scientific and Technological Advancement of Silica Sand; A Strategy for National Development in Nigeria

Philomena Chukwu

pp. 282 – 289