Resumption of Academic Activities for Exiting Students and Some Others

This is to bring to the attention of the public that Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University resumes academic activities for the following group of students on Monday,21st Sept. 2020.


  1. All final year students for the commencement of 2019/2020 Session’s Second Semester Lectures;


  1. Second and Third-year students of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and all other students of the Faculty who have not written their 2019/2020 First Semester examinations;


  1. Second MBBS Students of Basic Medical Sciences for the commencement of 2019/220 Session’s First Semester Examinations. Note that only the Second MBBS students who are going for examinations are required to return to the University.


All the students involved (as listed above) are expected to return to the University on Monday, 21st Sept. 2020.



All the returning students must come back with the following items: 5 pieces of Face Masks and 2 bottles of 250cl sanitizers. The University Covid-19 Monitoring team has the authority of the University to punish any act of violation and breach of the Covid-19 rules. Only the classes of students mentioned in this announcement are expected to return to School for their examinations.


 Dr. (Mrs) Ngozi E. Ezeibe


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