The University Management has noted that most students have not registered their courses for the 2017/2017 session, as at this date.

It is pertinent to draw the attention of all students that any student who fails to register his/her semester courses online within the stipulated period loses the opportunity to do so for the semester and as such, is regarded as being absent from the University for that semester. Your attention is drawn to the provisions of section 3.2.1(iv) of the Academic Regulations (for fresh students) and section 3.2.2(iv) for old students for your instructive guidance.

in view of the above, the University Administration has extended the period of online registration of second semester courses to Tuesday, May 29, 2018. Thereafter, the University Portal will close for registration of courses for the semester. Any student who fails to register his/her courses online shall not be permitted to write the forth coming second semester examinations.

Please be guided accordingly

Dr (Mrs.) Ngozi Ezeibe


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