Vol. 2 Iss. 8


   A Bishop Movement on a Chess Board as a Rational Function Generate a Laurent Series that is Algebraic

    Laisin M.; Okoli O.C. & Okaa-Onwuogu C.A.

    A Framework for Unified Vehicle Clearance and Registration

  Obianagha Fidelia Ifeoma & Okeke Ogochukwu C.

    Alternative Method of Solution to Quartic Equation

     Okoli, O. C.; Oraekie, P. A. & Okeke, N. C.

    An Ethics and Privacy Framework for the Internet of Things

      C. P.  Nnadozia & O.C Okeke

    An Improved Model for Medical Records Classification

     C.G Ilofulunwa; S. O. Okide &   I. J. Mgbeafulike

    Controllability and Null Controllability of the Semilinear Differential System with Distributed Delays in the Control

      Oraekie P. A; M. Laisin & Gladys Benson

   Design and Implementation of a Recommender System for Course Selection Using Case-Based Reasoning

     C. A Okeoma & I. J. Mgbeafulike

    Design and Implementation of an Enhanced Career Personality Predictive System

     B. C Ofili      I.J Mgbeafulike

   Design and Implementation of Collaborative Mobile Learning System for Vocational Training

S.U Iwuagwu & I. J. Mgbeafulike

    Design and Implementation of Intelligent System for Cyber Threats Detection and Prevention

      B.A Agborie & I. J. Mgbeafulike

    Development of a Distributed File Sharing System in an Enterprise Using Access Control Mechanism

     I. J. Mgbeafulike & M. K. Okpara

   Development of a Network Security System Using Intrusion Detection and Log Management

     I. J. Mgbeafulike; E. O. Chukwuogo.  & Ezeanyeji P.C

    Development of an Enhanced Bi-Lingual English–To-Igbo Translator

     P.C Ezeanyeji; E. D. Ebinyasi & I.J. Mgbeafulike

    Development of an Enhanced Information System for Credit Risk Evaluation

    I. J. Mgbeafulike & D. Csam-Ekeke

    Development of an Enhanced Online Learning Support System for Computer Science

     Okeke Ogochukwu C. & Okuma Ijeoma

   Development of an Intelligent Educational Mobile Application for Children

      I. J. Mgbeafulike & S.C Ibeh

   Development of an Intelligent Text-To-Speech Model for Visually Impaired Students Using Optical Character Reader

     I. J. Mgbeafulike & C. C. Ugorji

    Development of a Remote PC Administration System Using Android Devices

  I. J. Mgbeafulike & Ihuoma A Ogbonna

   Development of Enterprise Resource Planning System for a Production Firm

   Umeasiegbu T. C. & Ekwenugo Chinedu

   Estimation of Correction Factor for Bottom Hole Temperature in Parts of the Niger Delta Basin

    Oyor David Ifeanyichukwu

    Evaluating the Performance of the Log-Rank Test, Generalized Wilcoxon Test and the Cox-Mantel Test for Equality of Two Survival Curves

   Oragwam, O. H.; Aronu, C. O.; Uka, C. O.; Ekwueme, O. G. & Sol-Akubude, V.I. P

  Influence of Molar Concentration of Nickel (Ni) in Optical Properties of Copper Nickel Sulfide (CuNiS) Thin Films.

    N.A.Okereke; I.A Ezenwa; & F.O. Ejimofor

   Initial-Guess Method for Solving Polynomial Equations

     Okoli, O.C.; Laisin, M.; & Eze, A. C.

    Modelling of Solar Radiation in Baleysa State, Nigeria Using the Kernel Regression Method

Aronu, C. O.; Uka, C. O.; Ekwueme, O. G.; & Sol-Akubude V. I. P

    On the Effectiveness of Lasso Discriminant Analysis(Lada) in Variable Selection

       Jude Chukwura Obi

    On the Trend of Financial Deepening in Nigeria:  A Time Series Approach

      Mayor, A.

   Optimal Control of a Two-Stage Tandem Queuing System with Flexible Servers

      Sol-Akubude, Vincent I.P.

    Optimality Conditions and the Target Set of Functional Differential Systems of the Sobolev Type in Banach Spaces with Distributed Delays in the Control

    Oraekie P. A; Okeke,J.E &   Bieni R. E

    Plant-Assisted Bioremediation of Heavy Metal Polluted Environment

    Anyanwu, Chidimma Gogo & Unegbu, Queeneth N.

    Rainfall Harvesting as an Alternative Source of Water Supply in the Shally Terrain of Igbariam – Achalla Area of Southeast Nigeria.

   Chidera, I.V.; Okpoko, E.I.; Nfor, B.N; Egbunike, M.E. & Chiaghanam, O.1.

    Regularized Discriminant Analysis (RDA) Versus Support Vector Machine (SVM) on Binary Classification Problems

       Jude Chukwura Obi 

    Relative Controllability of Linear Time-Varying Systems with Multiple Delays in the Control

     Oraekie P. A; M. Laisin & Ugwunze N.B

    Reserve Estimations and Economic Potentials of Exposed Kaolin Outcrops in Parts of South- Eastern Anambra Basin, Anambra State, Nigeria

     Obinegbu, I. R. & Chiaghanam, O. I.

  Statistical Analysis of Road Accidents in Anambra State

     Oguagbaka, S. K.

   The Design and Implementation of Secured Population Forecasting System for Census Management

  E. O. Amune & I. J. Mgbeafulike

   The Effect of Egg Shell as Filler on the Physico-Mechanical Properties in Polymeric Matrices Composites

  E. N. Ojiako; H. O. Ofor & J.O.  Nwadiogwu

    The Penalty and Barrierfunction Techniques, and its’ Applicability to Optimization Problem

     M. Laisin; Okeke J. E & Aigwe Rosemary U.

    Trace and Rare-Earth Element Geochemistry of the Rocks of Igarra Town and its Environs

      Emmanuel Nwachukwu Ugwuonah,