Online Course Registration Process

The University commenced online registration and approval of courses with effect from 2013/2014 academic session. This document is provided as a reminder of the process (steps) and respective roles each participant in the community is to play. It is also to assist proper advice to students and staff as well as enhance effective implementation.

The processes for each participant is as follows:


Step 1: Students given provisional admission proceeds online to and use their JAMB number to verify admission, then to to login with JAMB number provided during entry. They complete profile and generate invoice for payment of acceptance fee.

Step 2: Students pay acceptance fee at any of the designated banks and collect e-tranzact pin from the bank.

Step 3: Students return to logon, complete profile form, register their acceptance fee online with the e-tranzact pin collected from the bank and print out their acceptance letter.

Step 4: Students proceed to Faculty office with a copy of acceptance letter and other documents for screening. Here they obtain temporary matric numbers from their faculty officer.

Step 5: Students return to logon and generate invoice for school fees payment.

Step 6: Students, with their temporary matric number, pay school fees and collect another e-tranzact pin from the bank.

Step 7: Students logon to, update their profile (Registration form) details, register their school fee online with the e-tranzact pin collected from the bank. They then print out their school fees online payment receipt as well as the completed registration form.

Step 8: Students submit printed copies of completed Registration forms and online receipts to their Faculty, Department, etc. This replaces the old Student Registration form as it contains all of the information there and much more. Faculty Officers are to ensure the required number is submitted

Step 9: Students continue return online to to register their courses and wait for these to be approved by their academic advisers

Step 10: Academic Advisers logon to daily to check on student registration and approve/ disapprove registration submission by students as well as give HODs regular report on the status of their wards.

Step 11: Students print out copies of course registration forms when their registered courses are approved and distribute copies to their faculty, department, themselves, etc. This replaces the old Course Registration form. If courses are not approved, students are to see their academic adviser to make necessary corrections. Faculty Officers are to ensure the required number is submitted.

Step 12: HODs logon to to monitor compliance daily/weekly and use the information to guide the process in their Departments. From the portal they publish list of those who have registered particular courses to the lecturers for use in quizzes, tests and exams.  HODs can access fee payment status of individual students from the portal. HODs are to supply all available information to the Dean as may be required for oversight functions.

Step 13: Academic Staff obtain list of those who have registered for their courses from the HOD for use in administering quizzes/tests/exams and submitting results

Step 14: HODs/Exam Officers logon to and upload Senate/Faculty/Department approved semester results using lists and formats downloaded from the site

Step 15: Students logon to from any location to check results. Paper results will no longer be published as in the former method

Step 16: Exams Unit can logon to to access published results once they are available



They as administrators of their Faculties are to monitor and ensure compliance with all requirements of registration as is required by the University Regulations and Senate/Management instructions. Whereas Deans currently do not have daily online access to the portal, HODs who oversee individual departmental records and report to Deans, are expected to supply all the information they require, when they require it.



Faculty Officers are to screen prospective students, issue registration numbers, guide online registration, receive online registration printouts at every stage, etc


HOD’S (They may work with EXAM OFFICERS):

Step 1: HOD logon to (coou Portal – Staff Login) and login with their username and password already given to them.

Step 2 Update their admin account and upload their passport picture (For a first time user).

Step 3: Change their password to a new password (For a first time user).

Step 4: View students’ profile. The HOD will see the list of all the students that have registered for that particular level, then click on edit on the right to view each student’s profile detail.

Step 5: Un-Approve Courses. The HOD can view all courses of the department and has right to Unapprove courses already approved by Academic Advisers if there is a mistake. This module will also help the HOD know Academic Advisers that are working.

Step 6: Download Class List. The HOD will see the list of all the courses for that level. A click on each course will show the students that have registered that particular course. There is a download button to download the Class List & Class Score Sheet for each course. The softcopy of this Class Score Sheet will be downloaded for each course and given to the respective lecturers to produce their results.

Step 7: Upload Results. The HOD collects results from Lectures in softcopy and uploads through the Upload Results button.

Step 8: The HOD can view the results after they have been uploaded through the View Results button.



Step 1: Academic Advisers logon to (coou Portal – Staff Login) and login with their username and password already given to them.

Step 2: Update their admin account and upload their passport picture (For a first time user).

Step 3: Change their password to a new password (For a first time user).

Step 4: Academic Advisers click on Course Registration – Approve courses, select the session and semester and click on View Registered Students. Click view for each student to view the courses the student registered. Click Approved OR Not Approved as the case maybe.

Step 5: Academic Advisers click on Results to view student’s results after the results have been uploaded by the HOD / Exam Officer.


Academic Staff are to obtain list of those who have registered for their courses from the HOD for use in administering quizzes/tests/exams and submitting results. At the end of semester exams, each lecturer will collect a softcopy of his/her course Class Score Sheet from the HOD. This is what he/she will use to produce the course result after going through the necessary approvals and submit back to HOD for upload.

  1. The Registration process is guided by the General and Academic Regulations of the University as published and additional instructions put forth by the authority of the Senate and Management of the University
  1. The University rules require that any student with carry-over courses register them first before registering fresh courses for the semester. While the ICT unit makes effort to bring automation to this process, Academic Advisers are to apply this and other relevant regulations in the approval of courses submitted for registration by students
  1. The portal will send an email to the student on the status of his/her course registration once the academic adviser acts on it. Students are therefore required to enter their own email addresses in the relevant place in the profile registration form. The ICT Unit has university email addresses for all staff and students. Please walk into the unit and collect/activate yours.
  1. The Portal has provision through the Add/Delete buttons on the course registration page for students to add courses not listed for their level. They may use this as long as the maximum unit permitted is not exceeded
  1. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONCE THE REGISTRATION PORTAL IS SHUT, STUDENTS WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO REGISTER FOR THE SEMESTER (even if they have paid fees). At that point it will be the duty of the Department to advice the students who are caught out to apply to the Registrar through the HOD and Dean of Faculty for voluntary leave of absence for the semester and to reactivate their studentship the next semester through the same process
  1. After marking the exam scripts, the examiner will obtain the downloaded official grade sheet (soft copy) for the course from the HOD/Exam officer of the Department. This contains the names and registration numbers of students who have registered for that course. The examiner will use this to enter continuous assessment and exam scores for each. The examiner subsequently prints this out for Departmental and Faculty approvals. Where there are corrections, he/she effects this in the soft copy and submits same to HOD for upload to the Portal
  1. Whereas online registration is designed to be accomplished anywhere students/staff have internet access, Staff of the ICT Unit are available to assist and guide through the process. They may be reached physically at the offices in Uli, Igbariam and Awka Campuses or electronically through phones and emails.



Deans, Directors and Heads of Department are enjoined to note the processes stated here and duplicate this document to all teaching and relevant non-teaching staff in their Faculties, Departments and units. The ICT unit in pursuance of University Management decisions, requests the cooperation of all to make the processes smooth and entrenched.


Arc Kelechi Ezeji

Ag Coordinator ICT