Proceedings of the Conference of the Faculty of Physical Sciences, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Uli – (FAPSCON 2017) Uli, Nigeria 4-5 May, 2017

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C. Ocheri, W.C. Okafor, C.N. Mbah Revitalization Of Coal Development In Nigeria For Industrial Advancement Pg 1-12
G. E. Orizu, U.V. Okpala, C.C. Onuchukwu and C. U. Nnaemeka Optimum Tilt Angle For Mounting A Solar Panel In Onitsha And Its Environment Pg 13-21
Dr. E.N. Ikezue, Professor O.D. Onukwuli Chemical Engineering And The Strategies For A Sustainable Industrial Development Of The Nigerian Economy Pg 22-24
V. O. Ezigbo, C. O. B. Okoye Determination Of Cadmium In Common Spices From Selected Markets In Southeastern Nigeria Pg 25-30
V. O. Ezigbo, C. O. B. Okoye Lead Levels In Some Common Spices In Southeastern Nigeria Pg 31-35
C. A. Obiajuru, K. O. Okpala, S. I. Okonkwo Corrosion Inhibition Of Mild Steel In 1m Sulfuric Acid (H2so4) Solution Using Moringa Leaf And Seed Extracts Pg 36-44
C. C. Umeokafor and N. A. Okereke Electrodeposition Of Nanocrystalline Copper Aluminum Oxide (Cualo2) Thin Films Pg 45-58
B.C. Muomeliri, N. A. Okereke Effect Of Thermal Annealing On Optical Properties Of Electro-Deposited Silver Aluminium Selenide Thin Films Pg 59-72
Godwin C. Nworji, and Peter U. Okoye Sustainable Renewable Source Of Energy For Rural Communities In Nigeria Pg 73-98
C. A. Udechukwu, C. O. Aronu, C. N. Okoli and J. O. Ikezue Nexus Between Electricity Generation And Supply On Economic Growth In Nigeria Pg 99-106
Kelechi E. Ezeji Impact Of Ownership Structure On Provision Of Staff And Infrastructure For Implementing Computer Aided Design Curriculum In Universities In South-East Nigeria Pg 107-119
O.C. Okoli On The Extended Binomial-Type Probability Distribution Function Pg 120-132
O.C. Okoli Construction Of Arith-Geometric Type Probability Distribution Function On A Defined Interval Pg 133-144
Laisin Mark and F. Ndubuisi Combinatorical Applications Of Rook Polynomials Pg 145-148
Laisin Mark Existence, Enumeration And Structure Of The Combinatorial Algorithms Pg 149-155
J. Kalu, I. F. Ezike, C. C. Amaechi, I. E. Atiaetuk and U.V. Okpala Electrical Energy Potential Of Municipal Solid Waste Generated Within Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria Pg 156-166