Author’s Template for Paper Submissions in 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference on Global Initiatives for Integrated Development (IIC-GIID 2015)

Title of Paper for IIC-GIID 2015 Proceedings

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These guidelines include complete description of fonts, spacing and related information for producing the book of proceedings. Please follow the guidelines as given.

  1. Paper title should be 10-point, capitalize the first letter of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs; do not capitalize articles, coordinate conjunctions or prepositions (unless the title begins with such a word). After the main title leave one 10-point blank line.
  2. Author names and affiliations are to be centered beneath the title typed in Times 10-point non-boldfaced type. Multiple authors may be shown in a two- or three-column format, with their affiliations italicized and centered below their respective names. Include e-mail addresses.
  3. Following the author’s information, a 250-350 word abstract should be provided with maximum of five key words. The abstract is to be in fully-justified italicized text below the author information. Use the word “abstract” as the title, in 10-point Times, bold-face type, centered relative to body of the paper. The abstract is to be 10-point and single-spaced. Abstract should be single –blocked paragraph. Leave two blank lines after the abstract, then begin the main text.
  4. 10 point (font size) Times New Roman should be used. If it is not available on your word processor, please use the font closest in appearance to Times.
  5. The text of your paper should be single spaced (1.0).
  6. Do not give page numbers for the paper. We will add appropriate page numbers to accepted papers.
  7. Allow one blank line between the components of the paper (that is: introduction, methods, procedures, results, discussion, conclusion, references.). Main headings should be centered, bold and capitalized. The second order headings should be Times 10-point boldface, initially capitalized, flush left, preceded by one blank line, before, and one after. Third-order headings if you must use them should be 10-point Times, boldface, initially italicized, flush left, preceded by one blank line, followed by a period and your text on the same line.
  8. Figure and table options should be 10-point bold-face Times New Roman. Initially capitalize only the first word of each figure caption and table title. Figures and tables must be numbered separately. For example: “Figure 1. Database contexts”, “Table 1. Input data”. Figure captions are to be centered belowthe figures. Table titles are to be centered above the tables.
  9. Referencesshould be at the end of the paper and should be listed alphabetically. References and citations within the text should be in the APA format. References should be typed in 8 Point Font size.
  10. Where applicable, SI unit should be used.

Papers must be submitted in MS word. Submissions should be formatted to A4 page size with 3cm margin on all sides. Please disable all document security and remove any hyperlinks.

Please circulate this announcement to colleagues who may be interested in this conference.