Philosophy of the Department of History and International Studies

The philosophy of the Department of History and International Studies focuses on man and his environment with great emphasis on the past, the present and the future. Being located in the South East of Nigeria, the programme will, have deep study on Igbo land, and Nigeria while widening the scope to cover the entire globe by including courses in International Studies.

The target of the Department is to develop professional custodians of historical knowledge with special emphasis on the cordial and harmonious relationship of Nigerians for peace, economic growth and Nation building. To this end, the undergraduate programme of the department is designed to cover areas of concepts/theories and methodologies of history, peace and international studies through teachings and interactive sessions as well as trips or visits to historical sites and other useful methods that would make them grounded in both national and international affairs.

It is expected that, being trained in National, African and international affairs, our graduates would find relevance in both national and international labour markets, as well as the emergent domain of private practice.