Degree Programme

Programmme Structure

The B.Sc. programme involves intensive course work scheduled with practical field works and tutorial classes designed to expose the students to theoretical concepts in Estate Management and Valuation, to enable the students to properly understand works in virtually all areas of Estate Management and Valuation.

Orientation for New Students

Besides the University –wide orientation for new students, the Department provides orientation for all new students on resumption. The exercise is intended to enable new students settle down and adjust to the Department.

Matriculation and Induction Ceremony

Every new student of the Department must be matriculated before he/she is recognized as having entered the academic community of the University. At the ceremony, students are expected to take the matriculation oath. All students are required to be formally dressed (i.e. complete with academic gowns) during the ceremony. Matriculation usually issued with matriculation numbers, with which they will obtain Identify Cards from the students Affairs Division.