The Department in Brief

The Department of Estate Management was established under the Faculty of Environmental Sciences in the 2016/2017 academic session during the tenure of the immediate past Vice Chancellor, Professor ….



Graduated & Professional


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Degree Programme

The B.Sc. programme involves intensive course work scheduled with practical field works and tutorial classes designed to expose the students to theoretical

Admission Requirements

Candidates seeking admission into the Department through the Unified Matriculation Examination must in addition to passing the entrance examination of the Joint

Programme Duration

The Bachelor of Science Degree Programme in Estate Management shall last for a minimum period of Ten (10) Semesters (i.e. Five academic years) for holders of Senior Secondary..
Mission Statement

Mission Statement?

The role of Estate Management Department is simply to provide students sound and relevant University education in Estate Management and Valuation domain of learning. The knowledge content of the education provided by the Department is one that equips the graduates with the capacity to solve real estate problems in diverse functional areas in both paid and self- employment capacities with the zest      for real estate entrepreneurial career engagement.   The Department maintains the mind set of retooling its academic curriculum from time to time (Three Yearly basis) in order to keep to the above aspirations.  In making the changes, the Department will be strongly guided by the social, political and economic changes   both in the local and international scenes, because of their powerful linkages with Real Estate Investment dynamics and the awareness that teaching of Estate Management and Valuation course is not just for the sake of academic brilliancy but to meet the needs of resolving the Real Estate Investment challenges of the society for sustainable profitability in Real Estate Transactions.    

Consequently, the Department of Estate Management in Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University is poised for a positive impact on our graduates and the society at large, so help us God. 


Estate Management centres on the art and science of effective and efficient development and utilization of landed property, other natural resources and the built environment to sustain and enhance social and economic activities of man. Land is not only scarce in supply but also very indispensable to man. Hence, prudence warrants judicious development, use and management of the resources in order to secure optimum and sustainable returns there from. In pursuit of this philosophy, the Estate Management programme as herein contained is designed to make the students to appreciate the complex legal, economic, social and technological impacts on the use, development and management of land and the built environment. The emerging world concern on technological development and environmental sustainability calls for the curriculum for education in Estate Management to be responsive to the various impacting factors. In order to achieve over all public goods, sound economic development, and fair returns to land investors in an economy. In the pursuit of this philosophy, the students of the Department are exposed to fundamental principles of Economic, Statistics, Valuation, Land Law, Law of Torts, Property Management Building Construction, Building Services, Land Surveying, Accounting, Investment Analysis, Architectural Graphics, Town and Country Planning, Research Methodology, Professional Practice, Feasibility and Viability Studies Facilities Management, Principle and Economics of Agriculture etc.


The aim of the five-year program is to better equip the undergraduates with necessary skills in land resource management through a detailed exposure to the problems relating to planning, design, construction and management of ownership interest on landed investments and natural environment.

The program also aims at availing the graduates with institutional, analytical and management tools with which to effectively manage our towns, cities and the environment in a manner that will conserve available land resources for sustainable development.



In the department of Estate Management of the Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, our objectives includes but not limited to –

To instil in the students an appreciation of the complex nature of the relationship between man and his environment.

To prepare students academically for professional practice in land management, land use planning and land development, land reform, human settlement, real estate taxation and rating valuation, aspects of town and country planning valuation, investment/ development schemes and feasibility/viability appraisals.

To create an appreciation of the importance of Estate Surveying and Valuation within industrial, environmental, economic and social context.

To lay a solid foundation on which students can proceed to further studies in specialized aspects of Estate Management, Surveying, and Valuation and its related areas of further studies.

To train the students in the use of information technology in the effective management of land and environmental resources.

To develop in students’ entrepreneurial skills and value for self-employment in the profession.

To develop in students’ survival skills in an ever-changing economic, scientific, technological and political world.