JAMB Guideline for Admission

It has been observed that many candidates who have taken offers of admissions often go ahead to register in the institutions without accepting the admission on their respective profiles or JAMB caps. This is against the guidelines for admission. Students are therefore reminded as a matter of urgency, to go to their profiles and properly accept their admission. For the avoidance of any doubt, any candidate who does not accept admission on JAMB platform is not yet a bona fide student and his or her name will not appear on the final matriculation list to be published by the Board soon. This list will be copied to the NYSC and other relevant agencies.

Also our 100 level students who have not accepted and printed their admissions letter on JAMB caps should do so immediately as JAMB is about closing their portal for 2019/2020 admissions. Those who failed to do so can never be mobilized for NYSC and no remedy.

All COOU students are therefore advised to ensure that they accept their admissions on JAMB caps and also on our University portal to be qualified to be called a bona fide student.

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